Design Build Construction

A process through which one entity designs and constructs a project from concept to completion

A design build project is a process through which one entity designs and constructs a project from concept to completion. Overall, the design build construction process is simpler than other arrangements because it relies on a single point of contact for the project owner. This allows project owners to focus on their business rather than the construction process. The design build construction process can be led by a contractor, designer, or a developer.


This approach typically begins with a consultation with the project owner to gather project requirements. The purpose of the consultation is to get specifics about the size and layout of the proposed facility. It is also an opportunity to discuss other operational necessities that may be specific to the business.


Next, the contractor must retain a design professional to develop conceptual drawings. This process is iterative, and often requires a series of designs.


After the preliminary design has been developed, the plans must be submitted to the appropriate government authorities for approval. Permitting can be a challenging process because the design must comply with local building codes, zoning requirements, and restrictive covenants. Often, this means that revisions are necessary to gain the required permits. 


Once the plans have been approved, it is time to assemble the construction team. During the bidding process, the contractor solicits estimates from qualified subcontractors. The estimates are then evaluated by the contractor to ensure the proposal is consistent with the project specifications. Next, the contractor must select the subcontractors who will become part of the construction team. Selecting the construction team is crucial, because it has significant impacts on the cost and delivery of the project. At the conclusion of the bidding process the contractor must then write subcontracts for the subcontractor, and establish a project schedule.

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